Stewart Superabsorbents offers a full suite of warehousing, distribution, and tolling services out of our Hickory location:
• 170,000 ft² of office and storage space
• T/L pallet scale warehousing
• Segregated storage
     - Climate controlled if necessary
• Ability to gather and ship small samples of inventoried products
• Fully equipped shipping and receiving department
• Blind shipping, third party, and/or re-label services
• Several loading bays, approachable from opposite sides of the facility
• Custom milling in climate controlled facility using air classified, hammer and roll mills capable of processing materials down to 50µ. The modular design of the manufacturing facility allows for efficient job changes and rapid reactions to client emergencies.

• Sieving utilizing vibratory and centrifugal sieves with a variety of stock sizes from 63µ to 11,000µ (250 mesh to 2 mesh), with custom sizes available.

• Custom blending of additive packages, such as flow agents, colorants, or custom formulated superabsorbent powders.

• Drying

• Packaging with standard 2 kg and 25 kg bags, and 1000 kg supersacks. Smaller or otherwise specified packaging is also available.

• Product testing, including particle size, distribution, absorption capacity, percentage moisture content, swell speed, and swell height.